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Our programme is based on the Montessori philosophy of education, which is a practical approach to teaching and focuses on the individual development of the child.

Our building is purpose built and our environment is carefully prepared to stimulate, sensitise and develop children aged 1-12 years. We provide developmentally appropriate experiences that help cultivate the child's natural desire to learn. The child learns skills for everyday living; sorting, grading, classifying and building, all of which lead to the progression in writing, reading and the possession of an analytical mind.

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Montessori education seeks to provide the child with an environment ideally suited to his stage of development which allows him to respond to the inner call of specific ‘sensitivities’, and the freedom to act in accordance with the natural behavioral tendencies. 

This provides a secure and permanent foundation on which to base education, if education is viewed as a method to fulfil the optimum potential of the child in every facet of his emerging personality.

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